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Playlist: Valentine’s Day

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Love is in the air! Let us set the mood and take your breath away this Valentine’s Day with our special serenade of Cupid’s favourite […]

Jukebox Requests January 2019

Jukebox, Latest news, Music

The first Jukebox stats for the New Year are in and we are pretty excited about it!!! So far this year, (well for January), our […]

Soundtrack Your Waitangi Day

Latest news, Music, Playlists

Soundtrack your Waitangi Day this week with not one but TWO Kiwiana playlists: >>> FRESH KIWI & MAORI & PASIFIKA >>> The […]

Playlist: Asian Fusion

Latest news, Music, Playlists

Get lost in translation with the modern sounds of the far east and Asian inspired music videos. Hot like wasabi and cool as K-pop this […]

Playlist: Phil Collins

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Can you feel it in the air tonight? Join us for another day in paradise and drum along to the legendary Phil Collins and his Not Dead […]

Playlist: Life’s A Beach

Latest news, Music, Playlists

It’s getting hot in here. So hot! Straight up, wait up, hold up homie, the gangsta’s paradise awaits. Kick it at the beach with […]

Jukebox Requests December 2018

Jukebox, Latest news, Music

The last stats are through for 2018 with our Jukebox’s nationwide having 34,409 requests in December! That’s over 1000 of […]

Playlist: Party Bangers

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It’s party time! P A R T why? ‘Cause you gotta! Whatever the occasion, hit the D floor with these ultimate bangers and dance mashups. […]

2018 in Numbers

Latest news, Music, Playlists

With 75 personally curated playlists created for your listening pleasure and over 11k new songs added to our main library, it’s […]

AMS Music News

Latest news, Music, Playlists

The newest in AMS Music News… Best New Album Art: Toucan – Camo Columbo Best New Dance Track: So Close – NOTD & […]

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