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Christmas Music and Scheduling for the Holidays

Let the good times roll these holidays with our Christmas music for the season:

Christmas Scheduling

What you want, when you want it. Let us know how much or how little Christmas you want in your stocking.
Whether you want jingles rocking around the clock or just the occasional carol, we’ve got you covered this December.
Just give us a jingle bell on 0800 267 687 or email support@amsmusic.co.nz

Christmas Category

Get those funky Christmas tunes rocking at your place this Christmas.
Our Christmas category is jam-packed with all the old classics and up to date with the new Christmas radio hits for 2018!
Find your Christmas tunes in your AMS Media Manager today:
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Christmas Playlist

‘Tis the playlist for Christmas! Now Mariah, now Elton, now Ronan and Elvis. On Sia, on Eartha, on Britney and Bublé. Now sing away, sing away, sing away all!

Turn up the volume on the Christmas cheer at your place today:
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If you need any help give us a call 0800 267 687 or support@amsmusic.co.nz

Happy Holidays