Support For AMS® Music Customers

This page is designed for our existing Music & Video Music System customers to suggest new music, tips and tricks on how to use the system and how to get technical support when you need it.

All our manuals are available directly on all our systems. Need to know how to use the AMS® Media Manager? Simply click the ‘Menu’ button on the top right and choose Help!

Alternatively, you can view the manuals directly in your internet browser, just click the links below. You can also print them or download them for later reference if you have a PDF reader installed. There are three manuals:

AMS® Instruction Manual | AMS® System Advanced Instructions | AMS® System Advanced Video

For general enquiries please call us during office hours. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your AMS® Computer Music System you can call us anytime 24 hours on 0800 267 687. We do recommend a good old restart first!

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